Wet Basement Repair For Leaky Basements

Do you have a wet basement? There are many things that can contribute to a leaky basement.

Some of the first things to consider are:

  •     Are your eave troughs down spouts connected into the ground or discharging at the side of your house?
  •     Visible foundation cracking?
  •     Are your weeping tiles clogged with soil or tree roots?
  •     Is the grade of your yard sloping towards your house?

These are a few factors that could be contributing to your wet basement? An Master Waterproofing specialist will be more than happy to provide you with a free inspection and solution.

Leaky basements can cause significant issues to the health of your home.  With high levels of relative humidity mold can begin to grow. Three main factors for mold growth are, high relative humidity, continues flow of water and something for the spores to feed on (many building materials). Preventing a leaky basement with permanent solution can help hold the value of your home or building.

Master Waterproofing offers various solutions to address leaky basements including, internal drainage systems, external waterproofing / window wells, crack injections and sump pumps.

What to consider when choosing a leaking basement solution:

Internal Drainage Systems

The internal drainage system will help resolve a wet or leaky basement. The internal drainage system is typically installed if there is minimal access or water coming up from underneath the foundation. The internal drainage system has a few benefits external waterproofing does not. First the cost is significantly reduced because external excavation is not required. Secondly if the water is coming up from under the floor an external weeping tile will not catch the water before it enters the floor from underneath. For more details please visit our inside page.

External Waterproofing / Window Wells

If you have a wet basement and the water is coming through the walls. The external waterproofing may be the solution for you. External waterproofing is the traditional solution for leaky basements. However with new technologies the external solution has its place. When considering an external solution you need to consider a few things. Is there easy access for excavation; are there any obstacles such as fences, AC units or porches / decks? One thing to realize when approaching a leaky basement externally, everything along the side of the foundation will have to be removed and how far our from the wall will be determined on the depth of the dig. For more information please visit our outside page.

Foundation Crack injections / Tie Rods

Many leaky or wet basements are caused from a foundation crack or tie rod. The first thing to consider for foundation crack injections is what type of foundation you are dealing with. The only type of foundation that can be injected is solid poured concrete. Cinder block, brick or field stone foundations cannot be injected because if voids. Please visit our crack injections page for more details.

Sump Pumps

When solving a wet or leaky basement from the inside or out, drainage is the most important factor. Externally new weeping tiles can be connected to existing drainage if it drains properly, however connecting to existing drainage could lead to issues down the rod. The internal drainage system can also be connected to existing drainage as well if properly draining. However if the drains either inside or our back up or become clogged in the future, both systems will fail. Sump pump are a great solution to creating new independent drainage that you can monitor and have access too.  For more information visit our Sump Well & Pump page.

Consider the Safety Factors

Wet basements can be a danger to both your home and health. A basement water problem that is not fixed can soon spread from one area to the next, leading to a damaged foundation (click for foundation repair), and threatening the value of your home. In addition, there are many molds that can grow in this environment which are dangerous (and often toxic) to humans. The last thing you want to do, is neglect a wet or damp basement. Eventually, the water will spread to your living area.

Choosing a Leaky Basement Professional

Find an IICRC Certified Waterproofing Company to ensure that you are working with a reputable business.

Leaky basement repairYou want a company that is experienced in exterior as well as interior waterproofing. Hiring a company that regularly fixes wet basements using the latest technology will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home will be protected in the future.

Once you do implement the proper wet basement solutions and your basement waterproofing is complete, it’s time to think about prevention. Take steps to help ensure that your basement stays dry and clean. Are your gutters in functioning order and directing water flow in the proper places? Keep in mind that even the best built homes will require some waterproofing along the way.

Remember, a dry home or office  is a healthy home or office, so protect your property investment and your health. Call us today for service you can trust, at a price you can afford. Call Master Waterproofing today for a free estimate at direct number: 416.518.4094, or simply contact us by clicking here

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