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Weeping Tile Services

Weeping Tile Services

The most usual house repairs home owners do are for basement leaks. According to reports, 98% of all houses face a leak in their basement at least once, and insurance companies state that the most common insurance claim made by house owners is basement water damage owing to foundational leakage.

Many people are quick to assume that the weeping tiles are the reasons behind the basement leak. However, these instances are rare. If we were to rank the causes of basement leaks in order of most occurrences, weeping tiles would perhaps be at the rear end of the list. But hey! We said rare, not impossible.

Weeping tiles degrade slower than other defenses against waterproofing, so any smart homeowner should look into fitting the proper weeping tiles in their homes; not to mention some proficient technicians to do so. Master Waterproofing is the home of many such qualified, licensed plumbers whom you can hire to help you reinforce your waterproof schedule. 

What are Weeping Tiles?

Inspired by eras where terracotta tiles and pipes prevailed, weeping tiles are pipes that direct underground water away from a house of basement. The modern weeping tile is designed with a plastic or PVC frame with small holes around a side.

The ground level is managed by exterior weeping tiles that are fitted in a trench close to the house, while interior tiles are treated like backups in case the exterior ones fail to do the job.

A weeping tile is also termed a perimeter drain due to its location (around the house’s perimeter). It’s also called a French drain. The names are interchangeable but they do refer to the same item, providing the same services.

The only notable difference is whether the weeping tile handles an exterior or interior drainage. All the collected water needs to go somewhere; a location. For the weeping tile, the water will move to either of the two:

  • Interior Drain: The Weeping Tile is connected to a pipe that snakes along the insides of the house and drains the water into a sump pit. A sump pit is installed at the lowest point of a basement. If the water crosses a pre-determined level, the sump pump will flip open and quickly pump out the surplus water into the storm sewer drain or the yard.
  • Exterior Drain: The collected water is taken away from the house and released right into the nearby yard. This type of drain is a French drain in true sense.

An improperly installed weeping tile or one that’s not been disconnected from the city’s main sewer line can cause backwash. In short, a lot of technical things are at play during the setting of weeping tiles.

Seemingly getting more complicated by the second? Contact Master Waterproofing and we’ll send a truck right on over with one of our skilled staff. They’ll do their best to give you a clearer concept, identify the issues, and state the best solutions.

Additionally, the presence of a backwater valve won’t save you from flooding because either the weeping tile water will store in the drain system, or it’ll accumulate in the inner side of the valve. It’s bound to overflow at some point onto your basement drain, shower, or toilet close by.

Weeping Tile Maintenance

As stated before, weeping tiles are rarely the cause of basement leaks. Don’t ignore them just because of that, otherwise you’ll have some serious flooding heading your way out-of-the-blue. Here are some basic things to lookout for. If you notice any of these, call Master Waterproofing for reliable inspection and efficient maintenance.

  • Checking perimeter for damp soil. If your tile isn’t functioning right, the ground around the house will be soggy and notice. You’ll also see pooling water.
  • Perform a test on your sump pump to make sure it’s operating smoothly. Dunk a bucket of water and observe whether or not the pump opens up, taking the water out. If not, we also offer Sump Pump maintenance for your convenience.
  • Observe your sump pump pit after running a hose by the outer foundation wall. If the pit collects water and fills up, it’s a sign that your tile is working. If not, then perhaps it’s blocked.
  • A musty, clammy smell. This typically indicates stagnant water or mildew.
  • Damp patched right under the basement windows. This is a sign that the water hasn’t been diverted away from the house.
  • Peeling or stained drywall. 

The faster you identify these symptoms, the better it is for your house and you. If you have a backwater valve installed but still experiencing flooding during downpours, contact us now! We can help by inspecting your weeping tile and identifying the reason for the inconveniences. 

Why Master Waterproofing?

So, you’ve recognized the signs of failing weeping tile and deciding on whether you need professional help or not. Let us confirm your doubts – you absolutely do. A moment of ignorance can give rise to foundational damages beyond repair, not to mention the monster check you’ll have to write to fix it even. Here’s why you should approach us for weeping tile services:

  • Backwater valve inspection.
  • Weeping tile check.
  • Confirming weeping tile and downspout is disconnected.
  • Sump pump installation and repairs.
  • Know-how on claiming the rebate (if applicable).


Before we send someone out to inspect your drain lines we’d like to have a phone call to ensure we can help. Please click the button below to schedule your callback or call us directly.

When working with us you receive:

Recent Reviews

Our water pipe busted in the downstairs bathroom. It was a total disaster. Our neighbor gave the number of Master Waterproofing. They came that day, looked at the pipe, gave us a rundown of how they would fix it. They started the work, and the next day, it was clean. They were professionals, alright. We were really satisfied. 

- Jam & Mich

Had my backup sewer valve installed by Master Waterproofing. They dug up my lawn, and when the work was done, they fixed my lawn back up. Their work was good, and now, I call them if there’s an emergency. My wife recommended them to her sister, and she loved their work as well. 

- James

Installed flow valves and some pump through Master Waterproofing, and they were amazing. Totally satisfied with their quality of work, the materials they used were of high quality. They respond quickly and finish their work on time. For plumbing emergencies, I now know who to call.

- Kaycee

One side of our lawn used to get flooded every time it rained. It was unpleasant. A colleague of mine suggested Master Waterproofing. They came, checked it out, immediately got what needed to be done. They installed a new drainage system. They know their work very well, extremely good service and behavior.

- John

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