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Water Service Upgrade and Lead Pipe Replacement

If you’re living in a house that was built quite a few years back, chances are that the water system of your property is backdated. It’s not that having outdated water main is always bad, but they do lead to a lot of problems such as flooding, impurities in the water, and sometimes, even lead is found. 

If you have lead pipes in your water system, you may want to change those. Previously, lead pipes were widely used to constitute entire water systems. Now that people know that lead can be very harmful to us, lead isn’t used anymore. 

A lot of lead pipes were removed. However, there are still some of these left. If you’re still using lead pipes, there’s bad news for you.

When the lead pipes were removed, the build-up scale in the remaining lead pipes increased. That’s another reason you should consider changing the pipes if they are leaden.

How would you detect lead pipes? Here’s how.

How to Detect Lead Pipes:

Even back in the 1960s, lead pipes were used in all the water systems. Why lead? It’s because lead is very flexible, but quite robust as well. However, the usage of lead pipes was banned in 1969, as they are very harmful to our health. So, if you know that your house was built after that tenure, there’s a big chance that your house doesn’t have any lead pipes. 

The best way of ascertaining whether your home has any lead pipes, the best place to start would be the kitchen. Go to your kitchen and try to find the main pipe that enters your home in the very first place. Look for a dark grey colored pipe. If you scratch the pipe, there will be silver marks. If that’s what you find, you got a lead pipe in your home. 

If you detect lead pipes in your home, you better change it as soon as possible. It’s still unlikely that you’ll be able to change the pipes in a day or two. You might need at least three days to a week to do that.

However, there are still things you can do to keep the drinking water safe. 

Things to do if You Have Lead Pipes:

Before you use your water for cooking or drinking, run the taps for a minute or two. This will make sure that the water is free from lead. The water that runs off can be used for other purposes, but don’t use them for your usage. Use cold water more than hot water. Hot water tends to contain more lead than cold water.

Water Service Upgrade:

If you think that your water system has no lead pipe, but needs an upgrade, you can call our plumbers to upgrade the existing water system of your home. 

You might require a water service upgrade for multiple reasons. If you have a broken water main, then you need to upgrade it as soon as possible! 

If you need to perform any of the other tasks, you can call our experienced plumbers. Continue reading to find out more about our services.

Our Services:

  • Water service upgrades that are approved by the municipality
  • We’ll detect and replace every lead pipe in your home. If you can detect any lead pipe, contact us, and our professional plumbers will provide the necessary help
  • We will install the main water pipe in your home. We can do this either through the excavation process or the trenchless process. Our experienced plumbers will follow the best procedure for your property
    • Excavation: In this type, we excavate the surrounding area of your property that has the mainline underneath. The excavation is done with the most caution so that your property nor the property of your neighbors is harmed in any way. After installation, the excavated area will be restored to the previous state. 
    • Trenchless: In this method, the ground will not be dug to install the mainline. If there isn’t an obstacle in the ground, and if the soil type is favorable, the process can be executed. This method is more popular than excavation.
  • The water main can be repaired or even replaced if you have a broken water main in your home. If you see that your water main is cracked, call us as soon as possible, and we’ll make sure that you don’t suffer from any consequence.
  • We can replace your water meter if it’s not functioning. If we find that your water meter can be repaired, we’ll do that too.
  • If you find that your home’s water system has low water pressure, you can call on our plumbers to see whether the water system has any leak or not.
  • Don’t worry if you have a commercial property. Our experienced plumbers are well trained and to fix both residential and commercial properties. 


If you have a faulty water system, it’s recommended that you contact a professional plumber at least. And if you contact us, you’ll get extra support such as:

  • Over phone services
  • Customer support
  • Expert plumbers
  • Affordable pricing

We assure only the best quality and service!


Before we send someone out to inspect your water line we’d like to have a phone call to ensure we can help. Please click the button below to schedule your callback or call us directly.

When working with us you receive:

Recent Reviews

When my water line was broken, it was an absolute disaster, I saw many good reviews on Facebook about Master Waterproofing. So, I contacted them. They did an amazing job; it was smooth from the start. They were quick on responses, on doing the job and cleaning up. I would 100% recommend them.

- Mark

I’m an old customer of Master Waterproofing. Recently, they did the entire drainage system of my house, plumbing, and everything. They do a fine job, I will always recommend them. Naz, the manager, is great and very helpful. They cover the areas surrounding them, so as not to damage it and always cleans up after.

- Yuri

There was a flood on our lawn, and we called Master Waterproofing because they are very well known. They discovered a water line leak in the delivery pipe between our house and the city pipe, about 100ft. John and crew immediately started working. Their work was impeccable and literally saved us. Great job, guys!

- Daisy

Master Waterproofing fixed our water main – it got blocked, and we didn’t have running water. They did the job as fast as possible; the water pressure is now incredible. They fixed it in a way to ensure that it doesn’t get blocked anymore. From now on, I will always rely on them during plumbing emergencies.

- Albert D.

Our basement used to get a little flooded. When it started getting worse, we decided that we had to fix it. I called Master Waterproofing; they were polite and patiently explained the procedure and what caused the flooding initially. They finished their job on time. It was very thorough, and I have not experienced flooding since then.

- Celine

I had to change my water pipe from a galvanized pipe to a copper pipe. The city authorities who told me to change my pipe recommended Master Waterproofing. I talked with Mike, and he came back with his crew to do the job. It was a great work – perfect and on time. Thanks, Master Waterproofing.

- Melchor

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