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Water Main Replacement and How to Spot Faulty Pipes

Water Main Replacement and How to Spot Faulty Pipes

The worst thing with water mains are, it doesn’t matter whether you have a new, or an old property. You never know when your water line might get damaged. 

It’s true that water lines age, like any other thing in the world. If you have a comparatively old home, chances are that the water pipes will corrode and crack, and once a water main cracks, there’s no stopping it from breaking.

If your house is comparatively new, there are fewer chances that it will get damaged. However, there are ways they can be damaged, and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

If the water main of your system breaks, you’ll suffer from a lot of problems. The worst that can happen is, your home will be completely flooded. Usually, the basement gets flooded, and there are instances where the ground floor is flooded as well. Sometimes, water can be seen on the sidewalk right over the mainline. 

Even if your home isn’t flooded, you’ll face other problems. For example, it’s highly probable that you’ll stop getting any water in your home appliances. As the main can’t be fixed in a day, you’ll have to buy a water supply for a few days.

If the water main breaks, you can spot it easily, which makes it quite easy to avoid the consequences. The real problem is with a cracked water main pipe.

You might be thinking, how bad can it be? Let me tell you, it can be pretty bad. The worst thing about a cracked water pipe is, it will gradually break. And there’s more! If your water main pipe is cracked, you’ll see that water pressure in your appliances is reduced, which can become a drag with time.

One of the worst things that can happen is, due to the crack, a lot of dirt, impurities, and germs can seep into the waterline. As that’s the main water line of your home, you might get contaminated before you even know it. This is very risky for you and your family.

Another thing about this is, the signs are that your home’s mainline is cracked isn’t that obvious. There are some signs that you can pick up if you pay attention to.

How to Detect Cracked Water Main Line:

It’s extremely important to detect a cracked water mainline, or you’ll fall into a lot of trouble later on. Here are a few ways to detect whether your water line is cracked or not:

  • If you listen with attention, there’s a chance that you’ll hear a faint hissing sound. This sound is the trapped air that enters through the crack, seeping out of the tap. 
  • You’ll see colored water from your appliances. If the crack is severe, you may even find debris in the water. There are times when there isn’t any color to the water, but there are small debris floating in the water. You can detect these by pouring the water in transparent glass.
  • You might hear a rumbling sound coming from the water system of your home
  • Your basement might get flooded.
  • You might see water running across your sideways, or on any surrounding place of your house where the pipe is located
  • The most obvious sign is a drop in water pressure. However, make sure to contact your local authority and ask around from your neighbors to see whether they are facing the same or not. If they don’t, chances are that you have a cracked pipe.

If you detect any one of these signs, you need to contact a professional plumbing service to get your home’s water system checked. 

Backwater(Backflow) Valve Installation​

How Can we Help You:

If you ever face any trouble or can detect one or multiple signs that the water main of your house might be damaged, you can contact our experienced plumbers who can provide the best service. We can provide the following services:


  • Detect whether your mainline is cracked, contaminated, or broken and help you take the appropriate step

  • Consultation over the phone for free to help you detect the problem in your mainline

  • Affordable pricing

Different Methods we Take:

We can install, replace, or repair your home’s main water line in two ways. The method appropriate for your home will be taken among these:


Excavation is the method where the area around the main water pipe will be excavated so that the mainline is exposed. Once the excavation is complete, the water pipe will be installed, repaired, or replaced. After that is completed, the plumbers will begin the last step, where they will restore the area as it was. This is the old method and it leaves a mark on the environment.


Trenchless is an advanced method where no digging is involved. In this method, the pipe is launched into the soil by attaching a torpedo on its front. This method is more feasible, but it’s impossible if the soil is too hard, or if there’s an obstacle in the path.


If you need to repair or replace the mainline of your home, you can contact us! We assure you that you’ll have the best plumbing experience ever with our team of experienced and responsible plumbers! 






All pricing subject to the layout and depth of your drain system and foundation. Please click the button below to schedule your free consultation today!

Recent Reviews

Our water pipe busted in the downstairs bathroom. It was a total disaster. Our neighbor gave the number of Master Waterproofing. They came that day, looked at the pipe, gave us a rundown of how they would fix it. They started the work, and the next day, it was clean. They were professionals, alright. We were really satisfied. 

- Jam & Mich

Had my backup sewer valve installed by Master Waterproofing. They dug up my lawn, and when the work was done, they fixed my lawn back up. Their work was good, and now, I call them if there’s an emergency. My wife recommended them to her sister, and she loved their work as well. 

- James

Installed flow valves and some pump through Master Waterproofing, and they were amazing. Totally satisfied with their quality of work, the materials they used were of high quality. They respond quickly and finish their work on time. For plumbing emergencies, I now know who to call.

- Kaycee

One side of our lawn used to get flooded every time it rained. It was unpleasant. A colleague of mine suggested Master Waterproofing. They came, checked it out, immediately got what needed to be done. They installed a new drainage system. They know their work very well, extremely good service and behavior.

- John

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