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Water Main Repair and How to Spot One

Water Main Repair and How to Spot One

If you’re a homeowner, whether you are living there yourself or even if you rent them to other residents, you’ll be under a lot of pressure. Water mains are usually the main water line to one of the multiple homes. So, a damaged main line can put them through a lot, which will put the homeowner in a lot of pressure from the tenants. 

That’s why you must spot a water main break and start preparing before you start facing the consequences. 

Why Call Us?

Water mains might get damaged, cracked, or even broken from time to time, and unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do about it. The good part is it can always be repaired. However, you have to make sure that you repair it before your life becomes miserable.

Most people realize that they have a broken water main only when it’s too late. If you look at the following signs, you can avoid the consequences easily. 

In many cases, you won’t see a loss of water or reduced water pressure. Yes, if the line is broken, you won’t get any water. However, if there’s a small crack, only some water will spray out of the pipe, while the rest will continue flowing.

Even in such cases, there’s a huge chance that dirt, germs, and impurities will seep into the line and will likely contaminate whoever is living in that house. 

If you keep a lookout for these obvious signs, you’ll be able to spot whether you have a broken water main or not.

  • A drop in water pressure. Although this isn’t going to happen if there’s a crack, for severe damage you’ll find that the water pressure of your appliances isn’t what they used to be. You’ll see that the force of your tap water isn’t much. 
  • Running water on your property or the sideways. If you know where the water main is, keep looking there
  • Discolored water in your pipe. If you find that the water is colored, surely there’s a crack and impurities are getting mixed with the water. Don’t use it!
  • If you find water in your basement even if there wasn’t any rainfall
  • If you hear a rumbling noise in your plumbing 
  • If you find silt, rust, or debris in your water. Water will be discolored, there might be chunks of debris there as well. You can ascertain this easily by pouring some water in transparent glass.
  • If you find hissing sound in your water lines, that’s probably because of the air trapped in the pipes. This air comes if there’s a crack.

If you keep a lookout for the following, you’ll be able to ascertain whether your home has a broken water main or not. A person can’t stay aware every day but try to do a routine check once a week or so. 

Everything starts with a single crack. If you somehow fail to read the signs, the crack will only get worse, and the line will break gradually. So, it’s very important to keep track of these. 

If you stumble across one of these signs, it’s time to take a step, and that would be to call a professional plumber who can determine the problem and fix it accordingly. 

Why Pick Us?

You can’t possibly fix a water main break on your own. The only way to fix it would be to call a service who can fix this. And fortunately, we offer what you need. 

Our service offers two types of installation. We can: 

  • Go for the trenchless method where no digging is necessary
  • We can go for the excavation method

In case you’re not sure whether you’re having a broken water main or not, call our plumbers! They are specialized to detect water main leaks and they will ascertain whether your hunch was right or not. 

They are equally capable of installing your water main in both ways. They will determine whether excavation will be the better method for you or trenchless. 

If you’re facing low water pressure, our team can go to the spot and check out the reason behind that. Moreover, you’ll get water main replacements as well as repairs. If you think your water meter isn’t working properly, we can repair and replace those as well. 

Don’t worry if you have a commercial property! Our professional plumbers are experienced in fixing water mains of both commercial and residential properties. 

We offer a myriad of other services such as,

  • We offer phone consultation free of additional charge!
  • Our plumbers are experts, and licensed!
  • We’ll provide customer service after the main is fixed
  • No hidden charge

Thousands of clients have taken our services, and we boast a 100% positive review!


If you see any of the aforementioned signs, don’t hesitate before calling us! We’ll certainly fix the problem if there is any. But before we finish, we would like to drop two tips for you!

  • Don’t start drinking water even after the repair! There might still be some impurities flowing through the lines, and you don’t want them in your system!
  • If you think that there’s no crack and it’s just some impurities inside the pipes, run all the taps for five minutes straight and you’ll be able to clear them out.


Before we send someone out to inspect your drain lines we’d like to have a phone call to ensure we can help. Please click the button below to schedule your callback or call us directly.

When working with us you receive:

Recent Reviews

Our water pipe busted in the downstairs bathroom. It was a total disaster. Our neighbor gave the number of Master Waterproofing. They came that day, looked at the pipe, gave us a rundown of how they would fix it. They started the work, and the next day, it was clean. They were professionals, alright. We were really satisfied. 

- Jam & Mich

Had my backup sewer valve installed by Master Waterproofing. They dug up my lawn, and when the work was done, they fixed my lawn back up. Their work was good, and now, I call them if there’s an emergency. My wife recommended them to her sister, and she loved their work as well. 

- James

Installed flow valves and some pump through Master Waterproofing, and they were amazing. Totally satisfied with their quality of work, the materials they used were of high quality. They respond quickly and finish their work on time. For plumbing emergencies, I now know who to call.

- Kaycee

One side of our lawn used to get flooded every time it rained. It was unpleasant. A colleague of mine suggested Master Waterproofing. They came, checked it out, immediately got what needed to be done. They installed a new drainage system. They know their work very well, extremely good service and behavior.

- John

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