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Toronto Flooding Rebate

Toronto Flooding Rebate

Heavy rains, damaged pipes, or melting snow are amongst some of the causes of basement flooding. But perhaps, the most destructive and disgusting reason behind basement flooding is sewage backwash. The dirty, odorous water has all kinds of harmful germs and bacteria just floating on it.

Not only does it damage your property, but it’s also quite traumatizing to see your basement flooded with that kind of dirt. The health risk is yet another addition to the long list.

Sewage backflow is a pretty old problem in the City of Toronto. It’s as if every pouring rain overwhelms the City’s main sewer lines, causing it to flow right back to the houses. The consequence? Annoyed, helpless home owners with knee-deep filthy sewage water in their basements. 

Fortunately for the residents of Toronto, the City officials are always trying to improve the complex network of underground sewage pipes and catch basins. But, these alone can’t handle the flooding threats. According to reports, the City had to pay $8.45 million alone for flooding. We can expect some severe, unpredictable weather in Toronto thanks to the damaging effects of climate change.

To relieve the resident’s stress, Toronto offers house owners a financial subsidy of $3,400 per property so they can install flood protection systems. There are three categories for the subsidy: single-family, duplex, and triplex residential properties.

To prevent future floods, these houses look into water protection systems like a backwater valve, sump pump, disconnecting the pipe of the house’s line from the main sewer line and capping the sewer system, and also external weeping tiles.

At Master Waterproofing, we’re striving to help homeowners tackle the problem that’s basement flooding. Although there are a few ways to do it, an installation of a backwater valve might be the simplest, most feasible option.

They’re an essential element of any solid waterproofing program for residences. Backwater valves resist the backflow of sewage into basements and keep your houses safe from collateral, foundational damage. Homeowners need to be more concerned about reinforcing their water protection blueprints if they want to protect their precious houses from the dangers of overflowing sewage water.

For today, we’re going to be digging deeper into the backwater valve section, how it functions, and also determining whether it’s the right choice for your home or not.

What is a Backwater Valve and How Does It Prevent Flooding?

Although a rather simple mechanism, a backwater valve needs the work of a licensed plumber to be installed correctly. The valve blocks dirty sewage water from backing into houses from Toronto’s main sewer line. The one-way valve effectively lets out the surplus water alongside backwash prevention.

The cost of installing a backwater valve in Toronto will vary from one location to another, but at Master Waterproofing we promise to bring the best deals to you. Our dedicated customer service couple with our reasonable pricing and proficient services has made us a favorite to all our clients. 

We’ll be honest with you. The installation prices aren’t cheap. But like we said, thanks to the City’s Backwater Valve Rebate, homeowners are eligible to apply for some much lucrative subsidies to bring you a step closer to paying off the full amount for installation.

From the City’s website, here’s what they had to say about the Toronto Flooding Rebate (condensed and reworded for clarity):

“Protect yourself from basement flooding.

Basement flooding can happen due to many reasons. The City is working on bringing improvements to the underground pipes system, these can’t singlehandedly safeguard a home from basement flooding. Owing to the severe weather conditions, It’s important for homeowners to take necessary actions to decrease the risks of basement flooding on their personal properties. Isolating a home from the City’s sewer system can effectively reduce the threats.

To help homeowners, the City offers residential homes financial subsidies of maximum $3,400 a property to attach flood protection devices.”


The subsidy varies according to the system installed – backwater valve, or sump pump, or weeping tile. In every case, the available subsidy is 80% of the invoice. However, there’s a pre-determined limit and if you cross it, the City won’t pay for it. For more information, please refer to City of Toronto Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program.

Why Choose Master Waterproofing?

Master Waterproofing values its customers over anything else, so we’re committed to assisting you through the application process to claim your subsidy and offer premium grade installation as very fair prices.

We are well aware of the stress a homeowner faces during these procedures, so we will be with you every step of the way – guiding you to make sure you successfully get the rebate and ensure prompt, smooth installation.

We’re a leading Drain Contractor in GTA, so you know you can put your faith on us. Here’s what differentiates from all other similar services:

  • Trained, highly skilled plumbers.
  • Expert consultation and second opinion.
  • Transparent, trustworthy, and timely.
  • Free no-obligation estimates.
  • Official written warranty.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers in GTA! And we guarantee you’ll be the next one!

Hand over your waterproofing worries to us and let us complete the project with utmost dedication and punctuality from start to finish.





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Recent Reviews

Our water pipe busted in the downstairs bathroom. It was a total disaster. Our neighbor gave the number of Master Waterproofing. They came that day, looked at the pipe, gave us a rundown of how they would fix it. They started the work, and the next day, it was clean. They were professionals, alright. We were really satisfied. 

- Jam & Mich

Had my backup sewer valve installed by Master Waterproofing. They dug up my lawn, and when the work was done, they fixed my lawn back up. Their work was good, and now, I call them if there’s an emergency. My wife recommended them to her sister, and she loved their work as well. 

- James

Installed flow valves and some pump through Master Waterproofing, and they were amazing. Totally satisfied with their quality of work, the materials they used were of high quality. They respond quickly and finish their work on time. For plumbing emergencies, I now know who to call.

- Kaycee

One side of our lawn used to get flooded every time it rained. It was unpleasant. A colleague of mine suggested Master Waterproofing. They came, checked it out, immediately got what needed to be done. They installed a new drainage system. They know their work very well, extremely good service and behavior.

- John

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