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Sewage Backup Service

Sewage Backup in Basement

Sewage backup occurs when the sewer lines get blocked while preventing
wastewater from flowing through the sewer pipes. The sewage water is extremely
harmful to human lives as well as that of animals because they carry contaminants
and viruses.

It is possible to experience a sewage backup irrespective of the system you are on –
city sewer, country sewer, or your septic system. It is quite easy to identify a
sewage backup as a homeowner because there will be an obvious odor that lurks
near the sewage system and the house.

There are two main reasons why you might have to deal with sewage backup in
your basement, either due to city floods or because of improper installation of the
sewage pipes.

1. City Flood

Seasons of heavy rainfall encounter a rise in water that the city’s infrastructure cannot cope with. Over 90 percent of the sewage backup in the basement occurs during those periods. As the rain continues, the sewage system is flooded with wastewater which then leads to the flow of water into your basement.

If the downspout of your home and the weeping tile is directly connected to the sanitary sewer system, there are high chances of basement flooding. But if the downspout of your home discharges water into any permeable surface, weeping tile is not connected to it therefore the accumulated rain water is forced away.

Sewage backup can be prevented by utilizing the right protection system. A sewage backup is a critical issue that needs to be fixed immediately. Also, keep in mind that sewage flood cleanup isn’t something that you should try fixing yourself with DIY methods because it poses several risks. It will not only put your home at risk but it is also dangerous to you and your family.

Sewage water cleanup requires professional assistance because as time passes the damage that will be created by the sewage water will be greater. If not dealt with professionally, it can ruin your furniture, carpets, walls, and much more.

We use standard safety procedures and professional equipment for the cleanup process. At first, the area has to be evacuated as the sewage debris is harmful to pets as well. Then, the electric power in the flooded area has to be turned off, while taking extra measures if the power circuit is in the basement of the house.

Next, the valve for the main water line in your home has to be shut off. The water supply system should not be used until the sewer backup is fixed. Based on further inspection, a solution will be provided.

Here's an illustration curtesy of Region of Halton.

2. Improper Installation or Connection of Pipes

Improper installation can cause sewage pipes to break and cause blockages or backups. Multiple factors can play the role of causing the backup including downspout connection, pipe blockage, weeping tile, and more.

Furthermore, damaged pipes can cause sewage backup too. If the sewage is not drained properly, it can build up over time, and cause a backup. Usually, older homes face this issue because previously homeowners used to create DIY projects to install everything by themselves.

So, there’s a high chance of these pipes not being installed or connected in the right manner. Rushing through the process might cause this.

If the sewer pipes burst, the drainage system will stop functioning properly. Damaged pipes can also be the cause of increased traffic above, use of heavy machinery on the ground, or a rise in pressure from shifting soil. Moreover, leaking joints or corrosion over time can damage the sewer pipes.

There’s another term referred to as “sewer line sagging” which is caused by a change in ground conditions or sinking soil. Recurring blockages can occur due to the collection of toilet paper and sewage where the sag is located.

You can identify this if you start noticing that there are multiple clogs at the same time in various fixtures, repeated clogs in your drains, or unexplained flooding in your lawn.

Just a point to note that you should always refrain from illegal plumbing connections such as French pumps. This is because it leads to debris and silt clogging your line. A proactive measure would be to install a backwater prevention valve. It’s a fixture that is either installed into a sewer line or the drain line in the basement of your home so that sewer backflows do not occur.

If a backwater prevention valve is installed, the sewage will go out of the property but it cannot come back in. The homeowner is responsible for the maintenance of the prevention valve where the cost depends on the level of difficulty for installing the valve in your home.

We are here to guide you through any problem you face regarding sewage backup. If you are worried that your home or basement is flooded or if it has happened in the past we can inspect the drainage system at your home and provide suitable solutions to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

In Master Waterproofing, we are licensed and fully provisioned to help you install or repair the following:

  • Inspect Weeping Tile
  • Inspect Drain System
  • Ensure your basement stays dry even through the months with the heaviest rainfall 
  • Provide suggestion and cost estimate on any of the identified issues that need to be fixed.



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- Maria

I called the Master Waterproofing to replace my old drain pipes that got blocked, they were very professional and polite, and before the initial work started, the manager himself explained the steps. The work was completed on the scheduled time, and the price was reasonable as well. All in all, I would highly recommend them.

- Jane

My kitchen drain pipe clogged up, and my friend recommended Master Waterproofing because of their prompt replies and amazing work, and they were actually prompt and quick. The work they did was clean. My kitchen pipe works smoothly, and it was super affordable considering the great work they do. Thanks, Master Waterproofing!

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I was already running late for work when my kitchen sink clogged up during breakfast. I called Master Waterproofing while at work to fix my kitchen sink by 5pm because I was hosting a party that night. They said “no problem,” and when I came home, the job was already done. Thanks guys, you saved the day.

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- Luka

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