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New Plumbing (rough ins)

New Plumbing Rough-ins

If you are planning to build your own home, you must be thinking of the perfect fittings. Do you need repair or want to renovate your home? DIY-ing these may become more than you can chew. Because once the fixtures are put into place and waterproofed and you connect the waterline only to realize there’s a leakage, then all your hard work will go in vain. But don’t worry, we can save you from unnecessary turmoil. Here at Master Waterproofings, we assure you to provide our best level of service. The necessity is yours, but the responsibility is ours. The customers who have already taken services from us are highly satisfied and provided us positive feedbacks. So, leave the whole tension on us and let us introduce you to the services we provide. 

Services We Provide:

You can categorize our total service into three types. They are:

  • Plumbing rough-ins,
  • Drain rough-ins,
  • Full bathroom rough-ins.

Plumbing Rough-ins

Water supply through drain pipes and boreholes without sink and faucets installed is known as plumbing rough-ins. In the plumbing rough-ins service, if you want to change the design of the bathroom/kitchen/basement fittings, you can rely on us. Moreover, if you want to shift the existing fixture or move anywhere, you just instruct our capable workers, and they will do everything as you wish. Even if you want to add more washroom or kitchen in the basement, we can help you with that too. We can adjust pipes at the walls as well. We also have expertized people who can fix the ceiling leading towards your bathroom, toilet, or sink. We keep in mind that the whole system should last long while completing our tasks.

Drain Rough-Ins

New drain lines or drainage system is essential when you are building a new toilet or kitchen. It is most needed when the construction of a new building or house is started. If you are confused about how to complete the design and fixation, you can call us and ask for a consultation. The best part is we provide free consultancy, and we are always ready to help you out. If you are planning to build more bathrooms or install sinks, we can take the new lines and connect them with the main existing drainage line. For this task, you will need skilled plumbers, which we can easily provide. If you want, we can send a supervisor for inspection too. They can make sure everything is done flawlessly and to code.

Full Bathroom Rough-Ins

Starting from the sink line from the main drain line, the cold or hot water line, to the toilet line from the main drainage system, every fixture has a specific measurement. Even before placing a shower, you need to measure. You have to keep the minimum distance between each pipeline inside the wall. Even between the toilet floor and the pipe of the main sewer line has a specific dimension. That’s why, before placing a new bathroom or toilet, you need to measure the distance between bolt caps and walls. Does it sound too complicated? Don’t worry, leave it to the professionals. Our experts will help you while designing, measuring, and installing everything related to your new bathroom and new pipelines. With the help of Master Waterproofing, you can not only add new bathrooms but also renovate your existing bathrooms as well. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for any kind of plumbing help.

Extra Facilities We Provide:

We prefer contacting with our consumers before sending anybody. We only send people for servicing when it is suitable for you. Your demands and comfort are our first priority. The facilities which make us a renowned company, are:

  • We provide free consultancy, by our expert consultants related to the design or planning of your new bathroom, kitchen, or renovation of any ceiling.
  • We have trained and licensed plumbers. We don’t leave any scope for complaints. That’s the reason we hire well-trained and licensed workers. 
  • We prioritize our customers. So, we believe in providing the best customer service. 
  • Our service is available at a reasonable price. So, anyone in Toronto can afford our service. 
  • The last but not the least advantage of trusting us is, we have always been maintaining our quality. So, choose us for the best plumbing rough-ins service. 

Drain Rough-Ins

We have been working in this service industry for a long time and have always kept our promises to provide you the best service. By our true dedication for work, and consistency in service has made us a 5 star and award-winning company. 

Everyone wants the best service, and especially when it comes to their own homes. We know you would like your bathroom, kitchen, basement well-designed and functioned; repair the fittings and ceiling by an expert hand; renovate with perfection. So, here we are waiting to provide the best services for you. 

Our expert plumbers can fix any problem related to their sink, faucets, pipelines. The workers are quick and efficient and strive to do a good job. 


Before we send someone out to inspect your drain lines we’d like to have a phone call to ensure we can help. Please click the button below to schedule your callback or call us directly.

When working with us you receive:

Recent Reviews

My laundry faucet was faulty, and while trying to turn it off, it broke. There was water everywhere. I called Master Waterproofing. Phil, the plumber, came, and explained everything, including the cost of fixing it. He changed the old faucet, installed a new one and reconnected it with the primary line. Job well done!

- Melanie

I called Master Waterproofing to fix the plumbing of my bathroom. Nick came and checked out the problem; he explained what was wrong, how to fix it, and the estimated cost. I signed papers and boom! He fixed it. His work is neat. Master Waterproofing are professionals. Thank you, Nick! 

- Miyuki

I had to fix my sink and faucet, I called Master Waterproofing because I knew they did a good job because they did some work at the office I work at. Anyway, they were nice, their job was great, they did it quickly but properly. I would recommend them.

- Jenessa

I had to redo the pipelines in my house around winter, both the exterior and interior. Master Waterproofing did an amazing job. They did it exactly by the rules and conditions. They finished on time like true professionals. They even came back for a follow-up check during Spring. Amazing job, guys.

- Sally

Master Waterproofing is a great company. You can trust them. They do everything by contract, keep their word, and finish on time. They did my plumbing around the house, and I experienced no hassles whatsoever. They were careful when they worked and cleaned when they were done.

- Johansen

Thank you, Master Waterproofing, for responding promptly and coming to the rescue. Plumbing blockage is a headache, and they handled it professionally. I am able to use my kitchen sink again with no problem, thanks to you guys. I would absolutely recommend them because they are not only quick but also do a great job.

- Eliza

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