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Main Drain Backup Service

Main Drain Backup in Basement

Main drain backup is a serious collage in the drainage system that has to be fixed by licensed professionals as it’s not doable perfectly with the handy tools lying at home. There are three common causes of a drainage malfunction as such.

1. Clogged Pipe or Tree Roots

One of the most common reasons behind the main drain backup is clogged pipes or tree roots. Initially, you’ll be subjected to the wastewater coming back up as the lowest drain point is filled with waste items.

According to multiple reports, the most common items to cause a clogged pipe include Q-tips, food, grease, sanitary napkins, and hair. Plumbers have reported multiple incidents where they had to unclog these items from the pipes. 

One thing you should keep in mind is that the sewer lines are not an alternative to a trashcan. We often dispose of a lot of things in the toilet and flush away thinking it wouldn’t cause any problem. But it surely does.

This is because debris that is not biodegradable won’t break down in the water which will lead to clogged pipes. Therefore, any non-biodegradable item should be disposed of in the trash. Also, older homes have worn out pipes that are automatically prone to collapse. In that case, you have no option but to replace the pipes.

Another item that causes main drain backup is tree roots. They can cause irreversible damage to plumbing as they grow out further into the pipes. The deeper the roots grow the higher the chances are for them to break or divert sewer drainage.

In cases like this, the mainline has to be replaced inside, and the drain has to be replaced outside. Also, the service representative has to look into fixing backwater valve as well.

Since preventing tree roots from invading your drainage system is not always possible, the best way to avoid it is by not planting trees near your sewer line. However, you can replace the older cast iron or clay lines with plastic ones. In the case of plastic, tree roots seem to grow around the smooth surface rather than through it. 

But that’s not all. Sometimes older roots can grow further into nearby properties. In that case, the infiltrated sewer line has to be inspected and the roots need to be cut right away.

Main Drain Backup in Basement

2. Storm Flooding

During a storm, too much rainwater floods up the ground area around your home and there’s only so much that area can accommodate. Simultaneously, the water overloads in the city sewer system which may cause a backup in your basement.

Slower drainage due to the flooding leads to wastewater backup into your home. Sometimes heavy rain, along with other factors can lead to such backups. For example, you should especially look out for disasters if you live near a grassy area that was previously an empty land under development. 

Once the backup occurs, you must take necessary precautions to keep your home and family safe. This is because floods like these aren’t just of the usual type. This will lead to sewer backups that can bring dangerous materials into your home.

To keep everyone safe you must focus on multiple factors. For example, a nearby appliance’s pilot light can go out due to flooding which can cause a gas leak. So if you smell even the slightest form of a gas, you should contact your utility provider right away. 

If your home or its surroundings is flooded with water from the city sewer water, there’s not much you can do about it until it recedes by itself. However, you’d need tools for a thorough clean up after the rain ends and the water level goes back to normal. You must place trap plugs tightly so that debris or sludge from the flood is unable to enter your home. 


Another prevention measure from storm flooding causing a backup is by installing a backwater check valve. This is viable if the house sewer is only meant for sanitary use. A backwater check valve will prevent sewer backup from the public system. However, keep in mind that it has to be cleaned twice a year which you can either let a plumber do or you can do it yourself.

3. Improper Installation or Connection of Pipes

Poor installation of pipes in a drain system can cause blockages and backups. This is why it’s advisable to get a licensed professional to take care of the installation or repair of such a complex piping system. 

Poor connection of pipes can also lead to main drain backup. Also, a poorly designed drain system will cause you more problems. For example, in the case of French drains, the waste from these will not connect to the main drain line which will lead to blockage due to an accumulation of waste.

French drains and sump pump outlets are considered illegal due to this reason. Therefore, is you have one of those installed as your drainage system you should contact one of our service representatives immediately. As it will be corrected, it will prevent future flooding and sewage backup into your home. 

In Master Waterproofing, we are licensed and fully provisioned to help you install or repair the following:

  • Kitchen and Bath Backups
  • Main Drain Backup
  • City Sewer Line Backup 
  • Emergency Backup 

At Master Waterproofing we are fully equipped and licensed to help you with:

  • Main Drain Backup
  • Emergency Backup
  • Kitchen & Bath Backups
  • City Sewer Line Backup


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A few days back, the lid of my sewer pit got loose, and some odd odor started wafting out. I tried several measures of my own to seal the lid shut, but none of them worked. I called Master Waterproofing, they came the next day, and fixed a new lid. The work was clean and quick. Job well done!

- Maria

I called the Master Waterproofing to replace my old drain pipes that got blocked, they were very professional and polite, and before the initial work started, the manager himself explained the steps. The work was completed on the scheduled time, and the price was reasonable as well. All in all, I would highly recommend them.

- Jane

My kitchen drain pipe clogged up, and my friend recommended Master Waterproofing because of their prompt replies and amazing work, and they were actually prompt and quick. The work they did was clean. My kitchen pipe works smoothly, and it was super affordable considering the great work they do. Thanks, Master Waterproofing!

- Lisa

I was already running late for work when my kitchen sink clogged up during breakfast. I called Master Waterproofing while at work to fix my kitchen sink by 5pm because I was hosting a party that night. They said “no problem,” and when I came home, the job was already done. Thanks guys, you saved the day.

- Jim

My upstairs drain pipe got jammed because of leaves and tree roots. I called, and Mike showed up to look at the drains and estimated the price. The next day, he and crew started working and installed a new PVC. The work was clean and very good. I am very satisfied, and the price was right.

- Luka

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