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Washers make things much easier. However, irritation and annoyance will occur when you’re struggling with plumbing problems related to this appliance. When the washing machine is full, or if you have trouble in your laundry room with congested floor drains, you have to be alert before trying out any “DIY.” Wash sinks and washing tubs allow doing laundry much more conveniently. Nonetheless, they will have you rolling your eyes as complications occur, such as spills, clogs, and weak water flow. Whether your washing machine is what is creating hurdles in your cleaning service or the sink faucet, you don’t want to wash and rinse your clothes manually. Do you? Imagine scrubbing your clothes yourself because you were too late to fix your laundry room plumbing, or maybe too lazy? 

Experienced plumbers at Master Waterproofings have both the experience and the equipment to repair any sort of plumbing in your laundry room. Complete restoration of the usability of your laundry room will be guaranteed. While you purchased the washer to get your clothes clean and tidy in no time, the same laundry room can be a nightmare for you when you see a slow machine or water overflowing. 

Washing Machine Hook-up

  • Hook-up of Washing Machines- To keep your washers working correctly and continuously, proper hook-up is really important. If you see even any minor problems, try reaching out to an expert plumber for fast repair service since a mountain takes no time to form out of a molehill. Your clothes can be saved as fast as you take action. Washing machine hook-up in a proper way is thus very crucial.

  • New Plumbing Lines (if needed)- an appropriate place to locate your washing machine is necessary that is close to the electric outlet, and the voltage can handle the current of the washer. However, getting the plumbing lines just accurately is also vital. Or else, you might end up flooding your home and can bid farewell to your wooden floor and furnishings. As a result, Master Waterproofings provide acute services like new water lines as per your choice and stop the probabilities. Because prevention is always better than cure.

  • Inspection to Ensure Zero Leaks- Inspection and analysis of your laundry room are extremely crucial before making out what to do in the first place. What really differentiates Master Waterproofings from other plumbing service companies is the after-service. We ensure zero leaks through a thorough inspection. Your laundry room pipes or floors may be reaired, but if even a small leak or clog remains, it can build up. And in a matter of few months, you may find yourself calling your plumber again. Such a waste of money! 



Washing Machine Drainage

  • Drain Inspection to Ensure Proper Drainage- A clogged up washer drain or a broken washing machine can mean your clothes are not washed properly—chaos in the house. Master Waterproofings offer excellent inspection to map out the problem in the drainage system. We also provide emergency laundry plumbing line drain cleaning to ensure that your washing experience is not hampered whatsoever. 

  • New Laundry Build-outs with New Drainage System- In cases where there’s no point repairing the drainage system or perhaps you want to install a new laundry build-out, this massive work requires a professional. This is way out your DIY league and can have complexities, so better be at the job of the experts. Getting rid of the previous system pipes and reconstructing of new ones is quite a task! And difficult too. So why not leave it to the hands of the experts? 

  • Connections- Most houses have their separate lines connected to the drain—one for rainwater and one for wastewater. It is the responsibility of the owner to keep checking on it, but many a time, this still gets in the way. If your washing machine has defaults in the lines, you may create water pollution. Wastewater cannot flow into the rainwater drain.  Only if your house has a merged drains system, distinct drain connections are needed to collect both the waste and rainwater. This technical job can be easily solved by the award-winning company, Master Waterproofings—we’ll make it as easy as a cake.


Washing Machine Drainage​

Bottom line

Master Waterproofings have a reputation of employing a hygienic, trained and friendly team of experts that makes your laundry room dysfunctions promising.  They are just a call away for you to avail of their professional service or arranging a visit by their technicians to assess your problems. You can even call us for consultation if you ever face any issues regarding plumbing. Our consultations are free, but our advice invaluable. Rest assured, since your laundry room’s clogs and leaks are to be solved super fast! Get off your lazy back, and make the call to save yourself from that horrific experience.


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Recent Reviews

My laundry faucet was faulty, and while trying to turn it off, it broke. There was water everywhere. I called Master Waterproofing. Phil, the plumber, came, and explained everything, including the cost of fixing it. He changed the old faucet, installed a new one and reconnected it with the primary line. Job well done!

- Melanie

I called Master Waterproofing to fix the plumbing of my bathroom. Nick came and checked out the problem; he explained what was wrong, how to fix it, and the estimated cost. I signed papers and boom! He fixed it. His work is neat. Master Waterproofing are professionals. Thank you, Nick! 

- Miyuki

I had to fix my sink and faucet, I called Master Waterproofing because I knew they did a good job because they did some work at the office I work at. Anyway, they were nice, their job was great, they did it quickly but properly. I would recommend them.

- Jenessa

I had to redo the pipelines in my house around winter, both the exterior and interior. Master Waterproofing did an amazing job. They did it exactly by the rules and conditions. They finished on time like true professionals. They even came back for a follow-up check during Spring. Amazing job, guys.

- Sally

Master Waterproofing is a great company. You can trust them. They do everything by contract, keep their word, and finish on time. They did my plumbing around the house, and I experienced no hassles whatsoever. They were careful when they worked and cleaned when they were done.

- Johansen

Thank you, Master Waterproofing, for responding promptly and coming to the rescue. Plumbing blockage is a headache, and they handled it professionally. I am able to use my kitchen sink again with no problem, thanks to you guys. I would absolutely recommend them because they are not only quick but also do a great job.

- Eliza

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