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Installing a Backwater Valve: Solution to Flooded Basement

Installing a Backwater Valve: Solution to Flooded Basement

Are you living in a neighborhood that’s been around since the 1980s? If the answer is yes, chances are that you’re suffering from a lot of trouble. These old constructions are prone to flooding, especially in times of heavy downpour. 

In Canada, we often get complaints regarding flooded basements. There were cases where the water flooded the ground floor as well! It’s not only impossible to live like that, but a lot of resources are destroyed and rendered unusable. 

But the good news for everyone who’s suffering from these, different municipal’s rebate programs will help them fix these problems. 

What's a Flooding Rebate Program?

During flooding, many basements get flooded. This is seen mostly in homes that are in direct connection to the city’s sanitary system or storm sewer system. To help the citizens fix these, a private plumbing protection rebate program was approved by different municipal’s back in April 2018. This program helps homeowners fix the private flood protection measures of their homes.

Measures Included under this Program:

The measures included in this program are:

Installing Backwater Valve:

One of the main reasons your basement is getting flooded is because of sewer flooding. If your home is in direct contact with the city’s sewer, chances are that a significant amount of water will flow backward from the sewer, towards your home. 

The problem is, your home will not only be flooded, but it will be flooded with the stench water from the sewers. Sewer water is harmful to your home appliances and your health as well!

The backwater valve is a device that, after installed, will stop sewage water that’s flowing into your home after a storm or heavy rainstorm. 

Disconnecting Weeping Tile:

The foundation of the drains or the weeping tiles will be disconnected. These are essentially porous pipes that are used for discharging underground water.

Installing Sump Pump:

A sump pump is used for the removal of excess water that accumulates in water-collecting basins. Such basins can often be found in our basements. The water can flow in through the drains along the perimeter of your home, especially during heavy rain and storm. A sump pump will separate your private plumbing systems from the main sewage of the city. 

Repairing and Relining Sanitary and Storm Laterals:

The pipes that connect your private plumbing system to the city’s sewage system will either be repaired or replaced. 

Available Rebates:

The maximum rebates you can receive for each measure are listed below:

Backwater Valve (Indoor):

If It’s Installed on Sanitary Lateral: $1,750

If It’s Installed on Storm Lateral: $1,750

Backwater Valve (Outdoor):

If it’s installed on storm lateral: $2,000

Weeping Tile:

Will be Disconnected and redirected to storm lateral: $3,000

Will be disconnected and the sump pump will be installed: $5,000

Storm Lateral:

Will be relined and repaired: $2,500

Sanitary Lateral:

Will be relined and repaired: $2,500

Can I Receive a Flooding Rebate Program?

It’s only natural for you to question whether you can receive this rebate or not. If you have installed a protection system in your home, you’ll be subjected to the rebate program. Two other conditions need to be fulfilled:

Retroactive Rebate:

If you’ve installed between May 1, 2017, and May 1, 2018, you will be eligible for a retroactive rebate after the city has inspected the property.

New Installation Rebate:

If you’ve completed the installation after May 1, 2018, you’re eligible for a new installation rebate. You have to obtain the necessary building permits and have to go through a city inspection.


Here are the conditions you need to fulfill to become eligible for the flooding rebate program:

  • Your home needs to be connected to the sewage system of the city
  • You won’t receive the rebate If you’re home is subjected to any work orders, contraventions, or any municipal requirements
  • If you don’t have any municipal fees, taxes, or payments
  • You need to provide the necessary documents as the homeowner, and the information has to comply with the requirements of the program
  • You have to obtain the necessary permits
  • You need to make sure that the installation doesn’t break the building code act
  • There’s a release form in favor of the city and you have to agree to sign it

How to Fix it Easily:

The process might be toilsome for you. This is where we come into play. Our team of professional plumbers comes with the qualities you need. You’ll get:

  • Experienced plumbers
  • Expert opinion
  • Smooth process, the work will be done on time
  • No extra or hidden charge
  • Formal warranty


If your neighborhood was built before 1980, it’s highly likely that you and a lot of your neighbors suffer from flooding. This is a huge pain and thankfully, the city council can help you get rid of this. 

If you’re suffering from flooding, check whether you’re eligible for the flooding rebate program today! With this program, fixing your home will be easier than ever!

But keep in mind,

  • Get a good plumber to inspect your property before you start the entire process 
  • Gather the proper documents and permits necessary for the program

Contact the authorities anytime via the given addresses and number if you have any further questions. Hope you get relieved of your problem soon!





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