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Heated Driveways

Heated Driveways

Most Canadians suffer during the winters because of the heavy snowfall and having to clean it off the driveway every morning before work. The solution to avoid painstaking shoveling of snow every day? Heated Driveways!

A heated driveway is a driveway installed with a heating device to remove snow or ice. It’s a lifesaver for every Canadian during snowfall. Having heated driveways in your home mean you can clear a path in the case quickly of emergencies and also ensure safe walkways for your kids. But this machinery also requires to be set up correctly. Don’t worry; we have you covered. At Master Waterproofing, our whole team is at your service. Contact us if you need any help with installing or fixing heated driveways.  

We provide for your convenience in house designs and turnkey services. Whether you want to eliminate Snow and Ice from your driveway or walkway we can help!

Our Service Related to Driveways:

People of Toronto, stop worrying about the chaos with clearing or shoveling the pile of snow off your driveway. You can melt and clear the snow indoors and outdoors easily with heated driveway insulations. The devices use solar rays to warm pavers and concrete, allowing the collected snow to melt. But the methods vary due to various purposes. Two systems can be used when installing heated driveways. Electrical cable can be connected under the pavement, or you can opt for a hydronic heating system. It’s better to go for the hydronic system as it uses copper cables and is much cheaper and cost-effective.

When installing such devices, it is advisable to seek the help of experts. We are connected with the best factories and workers. So, you can get our service to any problem. Let’s check the variations out:

  • Radiant Heated Driveways,
  • Radiant Heated Sidewalks, 
  • Radiant Heated Walkways.

Here you can see the main varieties of heated driveway services are named as driveways, Sidewalks, and Walkways. 

Radiant Heated Driveways:

Getting a radiant heated driveway is the best decision you can make. Clear the snow around you and warm the concrete, asphalt, and the garage floors with your radiant heated driveways. The heated driveways have two categories: Electric and hydronic driveways. They need networking channels to be set. There are heatproof cables that need to be appropriately connected. If they are not set correctly, especially the electric ones, there will be a risk of short-circuiting. So, hiring a specialist is critical. You can count on us in that matter, and get your work done without leaving any risk behind. Our plumbers are well familiar with radiant heated driveways. We have contact with distributors from renowned factories as well, so we can provide you better equipment options.

Radiant Heated Sidewalks:

Sidewalks can be a substitute for driveways. This is also used for heating the surface and melting ice. Its configuration is like heated driveways. So, the installation and maintenance of sidewalks are as complicated as driveways. Sidewalks are cheaper and more cost-effective than driveways. So, it can be a good alternative to heated driveways. The electric coils of heated sidewalks make them a more effective and efficient cleaner of snow. We have excellent deals of radiant heated sidewalks in our service package. So, if you want heated sidewalks for winter morning jogs, we can provide the best ones from the best dealers. 

Radiant Heated Walkways:

Radiant heated walkways basically melt the outdoor snow and create a path or way for you to walk on. So, the installation of radiant heated walkways is for clearing only the snow outdoors. The snow-melting insulation is designed so perfectly that you can have a 100% benefit by using heated walkways and avoid shoveling or salting your walkways. Two types of walkways are available on the market. They are either mat type or cable type. Get the type that is suitable for you. We will manage the rest, and it’s a promise that we will never disappoint you. If you require any replacement or any kind of repair, you can talk to us.

Our Facilities:

  • We provide free advice related to any queries or problems. Because we feel we should do our best to satisfy our valuable customers.
  • No matter what, our skilled plumbers are ready to serve you. If you want to install, repair, or replace your driveways/sidewalks/walkways, our workers will do everything with perfection.
  • As it is a 5-star rated plumber company, it provides the service to the customers, which a 5-star company should provide. 
  • We demand a reasonable service charge


Peoples’ demand for snow cleaner and heated driveways are on the peak during the winter. So, having heated driveways is a necessity to avoid the slippery ice floors. With heated driveways, you can eliminate winter maintenance off your list of chores. As we have reportedly done a significant job in this field, you should think of working with us. If you haven’t worked with us yet, you can still have a chance to grab our service. We have a loyal customer base and who seek our plumbing services and even refer us to others. Our customers have reported us to be a punctual, sincere, and hardworking company. Once you receive our service, we can guarantee you would avail our services again. 


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My laundry faucet was faulty, and while trying to turn it off, it broke. There was water everywhere. I called Master Waterproofing. Phil, the plumber, came, and explained everything, including the cost of fixing it. He changed the old faucet, installed a new one and reconnected it with the primary line. Job well done!

- Melanie

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- Miyuki

I had to fix my sink and faucet, I called Master Waterproofing because I knew they did a good job because they did some work at the office I work at. Anyway, they were nice, their job was great, they did it quickly but properly. I would recommend them.

- Jenessa

I had to redo the pipelines in my house around winter, both the exterior and interior. Master Waterproofing did an amazing job. They did it exactly by the rules and conditions. They finished on time like true professionals. They even came back for a follow-up check during Spring. Amazing job, guys.

- Sally

Master Waterproofing is a great company. You can trust them. They do everything by contract, keep their word, and finish on time. They did my plumbing around the house, and I experienced no hassles whatsoever. They were careful when they worked and cleaned when they were done.

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- Eliza

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