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Grease Interceptors

Grease Interceptors

A grease interceptor or grease trap is a plumbing device that is used to separate the oil, grease, or lipids from the water. Its purpose is connected to wastewater recycling. Grease interceptors reduce the number of removable grease materials from the main drainage line. In general, the grease trap is used for handling flowing wastewater on a smaller scale, whereas grease interceptors can handle the wastes of water more than 50 gallons from the flow per minute. As a leading plumbing company, we prefer providing better service to our valuable customers. So, we can offer you a wide range of plumbing services, whether you need grease interceptors or grease traps. Besides, we have expert people who are easy-going with devices like grease interceptors.

Services We Are Offering:

We offer plumbing services at any level such as: commercial, industrial, residential, and so on. The size and structures may vary due to their placement. However, we have expert workers for each sector. These are the category of our services related to grease interceptors:

  • New grease interceptor/trap installations,
  • Grease interceptor/trap power flushing,
  • Grease interceptor/trap maintenance and repair. 

New Grease Interceptor/Trap Installation:

The residential kitchen does not require a professional grease interceptor, but hotels, restaurants, or other professional kitchen need grease interceptors installed. Also, big industrial factories need a huge size of grease interceptor for emitting the wastes. To install new ones, you will need expert workers. The pros can put everything by perfect measurement, install every clog, pipe, and code according to the necessity. The main purpose of commercial and industrial grease interceptors is avoiding blockages at the main drainage line. Because grease keeps sticking to the surface of the pipeline, it’s good to reduce the quantity of grease in the wastewater. Our workers are given training for grease interceptor installation in industries as well as in small kitchens.

Grease Interceptor/Trap Power Flushing:

To make a grease interceptor long-lasting, you should not neglect its maintenance. You should keep it clean, and handle every part cautiously. Maintain and use it as the manufacturer’s given direction. Don’t connect the interceptor to any chemical substance, or any high-temperature dishwasher. Make sure that only semi-solid or liquid wastes are going through the trap. Please don’t use it for garbage purposes. 

A grease interceptor/trap is supposed to run for 5 to 12 years because it deals with acidity and oil. But if somehow any part of your grease interceptor stops functioning properly, we are only a call away. If the wastewater overflows or doesn’t pass through the pipeline or any malfunction occurs, you can rely on our skilled workers. Just call them and get it fixed within hours. If you feel that, replacing the grease interceptor/trap is more cost-effective and easier, you just give instructions, and they will replace the device too.

Facilities from Us:

  • We are providing free consultation per our terms of service. If you want to fix the problems on your own, call our consultants, and they will help you out.
  • Plumbers who are trained to work with grease interceptors, are sent to you when you’re in need.
  • Just like plumbing rough-ins, our company provides top class service in the grease interceptor sectors.
  • We provide our service at a reasonable price. So, taking our service is budget-friendly and cost-effective too.


Grease interceptors are essential in many ways, which are sometimes beyond our knowledge. The use of this device is environment friendly and also required for renewable energy. It is suitable for a wastewater plant. So, if you are a responsible citizen and want to protect the environment around you, you will surely want to install a grease interceptor properly in your residential or commercial spaces. For this purpose, get the fixation done by the best plumbing company in the town. We will always provide the best service by working, installing, replacing, repairing, or consulting. Get the machinery from renowned brands as well. Any leakage on pipe, or clogs on the pathway, or any problem of the sink, faucets, sewer line, and main drainage line; we are at your service!


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When working with us you receive:

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I had to fix my sink and faucet, I called Master Waterproofing because I knew they did a good job because they did some work at the office I work at. Anyway, they were nice, their job was great, they did it quickly but properly. I would recommend them.

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