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The Best Concrete Floor Slab Repair Service

The Best Concrete Floor Slab Repair Service

concrete floor slab

Concretes can last for hundreds of years without any crack or damage. However, sometimes concrete can get damaged easily, and they end up with cracks, gaps, holes, and even crevices. You’ll see this, especially in your basement. Why?

Our basement’s foundation walls go through a lot. The rainwater accumulates beneath our basement, and they often force their way through the concrete, which ends up damaging the concrete. 

Then again, if the city sewers are flooded, sometimes the water flows backward and ends up flooding our basement. 

Because of these problems, the concrete floor slabs of our home often get damaged. But don’t worry, because there are floor slab repair services that can fix your problem for an affordable price! 

If you’re looking for a reliable floor slab repair service around you, you have us! We offer a variety of solutions for this matter alone, and the repair is done by experienced professionals who are well trained and certified! 

Floor Slab Repair Services We Offer:

Fixing Narrow and Wide Cracks of Concrete:

If the cracks are narrow, they are quite easy to fix. At first, the cracks will be chiseled backward. The debris will be cleaned with a brush, and once the crack is clean, a thin layer of adhesive will be applied to the entire area. This adhesive keeps the bonding material intact. The process will be finished by applying the bonding material over and inside the crack. The patching compound will be spread evenly with a trowel, so there isn’t any bump on the floor.

If the crack is wide, the procedure is different. The first step remains the same. The crack will be chiseled, and the debris will be brushed out of the crack and will be cleaned from the surface as well. Then, a mixture of sand and concrete will be poured into the crack. This mixture will then be spread evenly across the surface using a trowel. 

Foundation Underpinning:

If the foundation of your property isn’t strong enough, you might require a foundation underpinning. Foundation underpinning is the process where the foundation of your property is strengthened through various methods. We offer foundation underpinning in the following methods:

Mass Pour:

This is the simplest process of foundation underpinning. In this process, a lot of material is poured under the foundation of a home. Although it is simple, it requires a lot of raw material to be executed.

Beam and Base:

The Beam and base methods are more modern and advanced than the mass pour method. In this method, new beams and new concrete bases are built to replace the ones that already exist. These beams share the load of the infrastructure and are quite effective at strengthening the foundation. However, the practicality of this method depends on the structure of the building.


This is probably the most expensive method. In this method, a lot of beams are drilled into the ground. The beams are drilled deep enough so that they rest on steady soil. This method requires advanced engineering, and thus it’s far more expensive.

Replacing Basement Slab:

If our expert workers think that the slab of your basement is beyond repair, they can even replace it!

Do You Need Slab Replacement, or will Fixing be Enough?

Concrete can be fixed if the cracks are on the surface only. Even if there are cracks on all sides of the concrete, but there aren’t any internal cracks, you can fix it. The concrete slab has to be replaced if it comes with the following problems:

  • If the concrete is cracked all the way through, it’s beyond repair. This happens mostly from external high pressure. If you find a floor slab in such a condition, it must be replaced.
  • If you get a sunken concrete, you need not replace the slab, but you have to raise it using some techniques. This usually happens if the sub grading of the home is done using loose dirt. The loose dirt shifts gradually through the years, and the slabs sink. 
  • Sometimes in the winter, the concrete rises above the normal level. This happens due to the frozen moisture in the ground. 

If you find any of the conditions mentioned above, you might need a replacement. Otherwise, the concrete can be fixed if it has cracks on the surfaces only. 

The information given above is for educational purposes only and you need not bother yourself with these. If you want, our experts will reach your doorstep, and they will detect what’s wrong with the floor slab of your basement, and they will recommend the best floor slab repair method for your home. 


People often ignore cracked and broken floor slabs, especially if it’s in their basement, thinking that they aren’t visible to visitors. This is a grave mistake. You don’t want your basement to get flooded with dirty water that will fill your home with a stench. 

If you want to avoid such a scenario, contact us as soon as you find a broken or cracked slab in your home, wherever you may find it. If you want to get some information free of cost, you can call our helpline. We offer a complimentary session over the phone for everyone!


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Recent Reviews

My rental income property was getting flooded. I didn’t want to dig holes because of the guests. I called Master Waterproofing, and they agreed to fix it without digging holes outside. They also provided the license papers. I was very impressed; my property doesn’t flood anymore. Thank you, Master Waterproofing. 

- Brianna

My basement suddenly flooded during the night. We didn’t know what caused it. We called Master Waterproofing – they are very well known here. They said it was due to foundation leak and sewer backup. They fixed everything and cleaned the area. It was a great service.

- Dennis J.

I had to fix my existing waterproofing because it was not done correctly. I contacted the Master Waterproofing, and they did an amazing job. They tell you everything step by step – the cost of everything and how long it takes before they start working. They are very professional. I wouldn’t trust anyone other than Master Waterproofing.

- Josue

Master Waterproofing waterproofed my basement. They installed a sump pump. It’s now nice and dry. They did a great job. The crew was great and jolly; they did their work and also cleaned the work area. I am very glad that I got Master Waterproofing to do the job. They are professionals.

- Max

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