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The necessity of a Reliable Excavation and How to Get One

The necessity of a Reliable Excavation and How to Get One

Often, we need to excavate land around our home or our office. We might need this for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason why people need to excavate their backyard or the sidewalk on their front is a broken or cracked water mainline. Plus, excavation is a must for the construction of a building. If you want to raise a structure, you have to excavate first.

No matter what your purpose may be, we offer the best excavation service that you may find around you. We have a team of experienced excavators who know how to handle their job in the face of adversity. Plus, we have licensed plumbers too, who can repair broken, cracked, or damaged water lines of your house, if you have any!

You can get a lot of services from us, these are:


Bulk Excavation:

Bulk excavation is the process where huge chunks of rock and soil are removed from a place to make room for construction. Not only does it make room for the construction, but it levels the ground so that the construction can be adjusted accordingly.

This is used mostly for building large structures such as roads, railways, flyovers, etc. If you’re talking about buildings, then large office blocks, hospitals, etc. require bulk excavation before construction. Nowadays, bulk excavation is also used to clear out underground spaces to make a place for car parks, malls, etc.

Detailed Excavation:

Unlike bulk excavations that involve moving large amounts of soil, in detailed excavation, more precise excavations are involved such as preparing for a driveway, excavating service trenches, footings, etc. 

In detailed excavation, the excavators have to work in a more confined space, that’s why they require restricted access excavators of smaller size. This is more of a delicate job than bulk excavation, and the chances for things to go wrong is higher.

Site Preparation:

To begin the construction, excavation isn’t the first step. The step that needs to be taken before starting the excavation is site preparation. With site preparation, it is determined whether the site is good for construction or not, and many more. 

More precisely, the process starts with acquiring geotechnical reports related to the property of the soil of that site. This report acquires the properties of the soil and provides suitable recommendations regarding the construction.

Water Main Line Installation, Repair, and Replacement:

The water main line of your property is one of the most important aspects. It provides water to all of the related appliances of your home, including the drinking water. There are a lot of ways that your water main line can hinder your daily life. 

First off, if you don’t get a sturdy water main in the first place, it’ll break or crack soon. If it cracks, you will get an impure water supply that’s got germs, dirt, harmful minerals mixed in it. You’ll also face reduced water pressure. 

And, when the water line breaks completely, you will not get any water supply at all. Your basement or even ground floor might drown. 

Our service offers you not only the installation of new water main, but our skilled workers will repair your water main, or even replace it if needed. This is where our skilled excavation team comes into play. They excavate the area first to expose the water main. After the job is done, they will restore the ground as it was.

Electrical Utility:

You need a lot of horsepowers to excavate a site properly. Our team is equipped with top-notch, industry-grade utilities to provide you the best excavation.


Trenching is essentially an underground excavation that is narrower than it is deep. Then again, a trench can’t be wider than fifteen meters, no matter how deep it is. 

As there are a lot of dangers associated with trenching, you need the best excavating contractors to make sure that no danger befalls any of the construction site workers, the property itself, or different utilities such as water, electric cables.


Grading is extremely important for a construction site. Through grading, the water is removed from a site, which provides a more rigid soil foundation for the structure. Our employees follow the International Building Code (2009) for grading. This suggests that the grade slope has to be 20 units vertical to a minimum of 1 unit horizontal. 

If the experienced employees find that your construction site isn’t flat, they’ll perform the necessary filling and cutting to make sure that the site is plain and ready for the next step.

Sewer Installation:

The sewer line that connects the sewage system of a house to the main sewage of the city is also known as a lateral. Installing a lateral can be quite tricky sometimes. 

Our experienced workers can provide you the very best sewer installations that you can find around you!


As you can see, there are a lot of jobs where you might need excavation. Getting an excavation contractor is easy, but getting a skilled contractor isn’t. 

With our service, you can rest assured! We have licensed workers who are skilled at their job, a complimentary consultation over the phone to help you decide the best course, and customer support to help you even after the job is finished!


Before we send someone out to inspect your drain lines we’d like to have a phone call to ensure we can help. Please click the button below to schedule your callback or call us directly.

When working with us you receive:

Recent Reviews

When my water line was broken, it was an absolute disaster, I saw many good reviews on Facebook about Master Waterproofing. So, I contacted them. They did an amazing job; it was smooth from the start. They were quick on responses, on doing the job and cleaning up. I would 100% recommend them.

- Mark

I’m an old customer of Master Waterproofing. Recently, they did the entire drainage system of my house, plumbing, and everything. They do a fine job, I will always recommend them. Naz, the manager, is great and very helpful. They cover the areas surrounding them, so as not to damage it and always cleans up after.

- Yuri

There was a flood on our lawn, and we called Master Waterproofing because they are very well known. They discovered a water line leak in the delivery pipe between our house and the city pipe, about 100ft. John and crew immediately started working. Their work was impeccable and literally saved us. Great job, guys!

- Daisy

Master Waterproofing fixed our water main – it got blocked, and we didn’t have running water. They did the job as fast as possible; the water pressure is now incredible. They fixed it in a way to ensure that it doesn’t get blocked anymore. From now on, I will always rely on them during plumbing emergencies.

- Albert D.

Our basement used to get a little flooded. When it started getting worse, we decided that we had to fix it. I called Master Waterproofing; they were polite and patiently explained the procedure and what caused the flooding initially. They finished their job on time. It was very thorough, and I have not experienced flooding since then.

- Celine

I had to change my water pipe from a galvanized pipe to a copper pipe. The city authorities who told me to change my pipe recommended Master Waterproofing. I talked with Mike, and he came back with his crew to do the job. It was a great work – perfect and on time. Thanks, Master Waterproofing.

- Melchor

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