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Is your 100-year-old home facing cracked slabs or unlevelled floors? Do you need to drill and dig up holes for your structural foundation according to structural code? Our excavation service is here to the rescue. Here at Master Waterproofings, we can promise to provide you our best level of service. So, you can leave the whole tension on our shoulders and let us introduce you to the services we provide in general.

Excavation is the method of moving rock, earth, or other materials with instruments, explosives, or equipment. It also includes tunneling, trenching, wall shafts, and underground. It is the primary activity of the project of construction. If you are planning to build your structures for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, you must deeply dig your structural foundation.

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Services We Provide:

We categorized the total services into two types. They are:

Manual/Hand Excavation:

It is about backbreaking labor conducted by a shovel. Manual excavation during this planning process for the trenchless operation can be called “potholing.” It usually allows a geotechnical team to visually assess subsurface conditions presented within the pit excavated for essential purposes. Hand/Manual excavation is used while the need of digging that equipment would cause unexpected damage to the structures of surrounding, or the work, or land if it is finished by some mechanical digging equipment such as one backhoe (would represent the possibilities of the collapse). Besides other geotechnical activities and potholes, hand/manual excavation can be essential for the accomplishment of any trenchless project. For example, suppose the trenchless project needs an access pit beside the cellar wall of any historic nature building. In that case, manual excavation may be the oxidizable choice for digging the holes to avoid damage to that cellar wall. This type of excavation is essential for “squaring up” the walls of some more massive access holes needed for any equipment appropriately used in pipe ramming. These trenchless projects are unconventional that when a strong back and a shovel are required, there are too many mentions of it. Hence, the need for this excavation won’t diminish as our technology evolves.

Manual/Hand Excavation:

These excavator machines (multi bucket excavators and mechanical shovels) are the most frequently used criteria of excavating machines. These shovels have replaceable equipment. With that, it’s possible to continue working the soil below or above the machines’ load and parking level the earth in these transport equipment or pouring that into the dumping ground. Multi bucket excavators (chain bucket excavators and rotary buckets) are mainly used for groundwork in medium homogeneous soils and light. Rotary bucket excavators are used in conjunction, and dumping spreader constitutes continuous motion excavating-transport by having high capacities, which are up to 12,000 Cu/m per hour. Besides, Dumping spreaders are usually self-propelled and entirely revolved structures(with belt conveyors) for movement of the soil to that dumping location or loading earth from 1 level to another level. This ground can also be transported up to 250 m when simultaneously being are lifted 70 m. And these complexes are used in construction-materials quarries and open-cut mines. Excavation transport machines, including bulldozers, trailer scrapers, graders, semi-trailer scrapers, and auto graders, have been working members and those cut up in layers and can transport soil for distances that are ranged from few meters to 5 km. Grader elevators dump that clay into a transport equipment or dumping field, even in the equivalent class as those machines. 

You cannot single-handedly tackle all this work. So you need to hire a team of workers who can get the strenuous work done with precision. Don’t hesitate to call us and book your desired team of expert excavators.

Extra Facilities We Provide:

We prefer to contact our consumers before sending anybody. We send people to service it only when it is suitable for you. Your comfort and demands are our main priority. The facilities which make us a renowned company are given below:

  • We always provide free consultancy, by our expert consultants related to the design or planning of anyone’s new bathroom, kitchen, or renovation of any ceiling.
  • We have trained and licensed plumbers, and they don’t leave any scope of complaints. That’s the reason we hire well-trained and licensed workers. 
  • We prioritize our customers for sure. Hence, we believe in providing the best customer service for you.
  • Our service is available at a reasonable price. So, anyone in Toronto can afford our service efficiently. 
  • Last but not least, the advantage of trusting us is that we have always maintained our quality. So, you can choose us to get the best service according to your needs.


We have been in this business for many days and have maintained our promises to provide you with the best service. Don’t just take our word for it; check out our customer reviews. The customers who have already received services from us are highly satisfied and provided us some positive feedback. Our sincere dedication to consistency and work in service has made us a 5 star and award-winning company that we are today.


Before we send someone out to inspect your site we’d like to have a phone call to ensure we can help. Please click the button below to schedule your callback or call us directly.

When working with us you receive:

Recent Reviews

My rental income property was getting flooded. I didn’t want to dig holes because of the guests. I called Master Waterproofing, and they agreed to fix it without digging holes outside. They also provided the license papers. I was very impressed; my property doesn’t flood anymore. Thank you, Master Waterproofing. 

- Brianna

My basement suddenly flooded during the night. We didn’t know what caused it. We called Master Waterproofing – they are very well known here. They said it was due to foundation leak and sewer backup. They fixed everything and cleaned the area. It was a great service.

- Dennis J.

I had to fix my existing waterproofing because it was not done correctly. I contacted the Master Waterproofing, and they did an amazing job. They tell you everything step by step – the cost of everything and how long it takes before they start working. They are very professional. I wouldn’t trust anyone other than Master Waterproofing.

- Josue

Master Waterproofing waterproofed my basement. They installed a sump pump. It’s now nice and dry. They did a great job. The crew was great and jolly; they did their work and also cleaned the work area. I am very glad that I got Master Waterproofing to do the job. They are professionals.

- Max

Your request is important to us. Please call our office 647-370-8897 or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you in 24 hrs.