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Drainage Systems

Drainage Systems

Drainage refers to activities performed to remove extra water from both surfaces and sub-surfaces. This surplus water may even accumulate from rainwater or excessive usage of irrigation water.

Drainage is an important part of construction and civil engineering projects. The water along with the pipes needs to be cleaned on a regular basis as those may otherwise lead to filthy smells, leaking, slow draining, and flooding.

It’s often overlooked by property owners and often, they incur disastrous damages. They should definitely look into the maintenance on their drainage systems from time to time.

You don’t have to pay an arm and leg to afford some proper drainage facilities in your residence, and you have to find services that are totally worth the money. After all, you’ll be giving them some major duties of keeping your property safe from water damage.

If you want to experience best-quality drainage system services, then look no further. We’ve installed and repaired more than a thousand drain systems with great success over our time in the industry, and we’re offering our services to the public with a guarantee of satisfaction on the side.

You can definitely research and look into other drainage system services, but we set ourselves apart with our efficiency, professionalism, and upfront pricing.

Here’s an overview of everything we have to offer:

Garage Flood Drain

The garage’s floor drain handles the flow of water, fighting dirt buildup and damage. With the right drain installed and maintained carefully, the rain water or the droplets falling off your car flows away rather than staying pooled in some part of the floor.

If the water doesn’t find an outlet, it gives rise to problematic puddles. To reduce the risks of falling on your face or breaking some bones, proper drainage system maintenance has no alternative.

We’ll install high-quality, reasonably priced garage drains across your GTA. Don’t leave your garage vulnerable to the destructive problems caused by excess water.

garage flood drain

Concrete Driveway Drain

If you don’t wish to have an inside garage drain or for some reasons, you can’t, there always a feasible alternative – a driveway drainage system. This can effectively protect your garage and driveway from puddles and your basement from potential flooding.

Not only that, if not disposed of correctly, the surplus water will cause accelerated wear of all concrete, paved surfaces, as well as discoloration.

We provide a wide variety of solutions to these problems, so do get in touch with us to know how we can help your driveway.

Concrete Driveway Drain​

Commercial Drains

For production facilities and commercial units, there are a number of government regulations too about proper drainage. 

For restaurants, they disperse a ton of grease and organize waste daily. The correct drain system will reduce occasions of blockage. In addition to that, reduce later elimination costs with the best quality drainage systems

We have a number of options to cater to the needs of any production facilities and commercial units. All of our products are the highest quality and you’ll get a formal warranty too. 

Trench & French Drains

Do you seem to have a permanent, rigid damp spot in your backyard? Is there always water logged in your basement after some heavy showers? Then you might be missing a French drain. These drains manage the water on ground-levels, keeping your property safeguarded from water building issues.

The trench drain function similarly on an above-ground level. Many property owners aren’t aware of the differences between the two. It’s rather simple – trench drains work on the surface, while French drains are subsurface structures.

These two drains have one thing in common, and it’s extremely important: the onsite management. To dig a trench, we have to start y researching the factors regarding the land like utility line placement, soil quality, and what local or/and state level permits are needed. Any work that starts without prior solid information puts the clients and construction team equally at risk.

Master Waterproofing has been in business for over a decade, equipping us with all the required technical know-how and equipment to dig and place premium quality, functional, and state-of-the-art trench drain system. Don’t settle for anything less other than the best in the market.

Trench & French Drains​

Catch Basin And Storm Drains

Catch basins are the backbone of your property’s entire drainage system. They prevent the debris from getting into your pipelines. Storm drains are like an added layer of protection – functioning almost the same as catch basins only earlier in the sewer’s funnel.

When it’s time for a much needed overhaul, Master Waterproofing is there to help. We offer a range of services including pavement of the concrete or asphalt post-installation of the new system. Make sure to reach out to us for more details.


Why Master Waterproofing

Don’t risk a sloppy sewer backup or damaging flood – contact us now for amazing services performed by adept workers.

We’d like to have a phone call with you before we send in someone to test your drain lines, just to reassure that we can be of help. Our dedicated customer service and skilled staff are always there for service.


Before we send someone out to inspect your drain lines we’d like to have a phone call to ensure we can help. Please click the button below to schedule your callback or call us directly.

When working with us you receive:

Recent Reviews

A few days back, the lid of my sewer pit got loose, and some odd odor started wafting out. I tried several measures of my own to seal the lid shut, but none of them worked. I called Master Waterproofing, they came the next day, and fixed a new lid. The work was clean and quick. Job well done!

- Maria

I called the Master Waterproofing to replace my old drain pipes that got blocked, they were very professional and polite, and before the initial work started, the manager himself explained the steps. The work was completed on the scheduled time, and the price was reasonable as well. All in all, I would highly recommend them.

- Jane

My kitchen drain pipe clogged up, and my friend recommended Master Waterproofing because of their prompt replies and amazing work, and they were actually prompt and quick. The work they did was clean. My kitchen pipe works smoothly, and it was super affordable considering the great work they do. Thanks, Master Waterproofing!

- Lisa

I was already running late for work when my kitchen sink clogged up during breakfast. I called Master Waterproofing while at work to fix my kitchen sink by 5pm because I was hosting a party that night. They said “no problem,” and when I came home, the job was already done. Thanks guys, you saved the day.

- Jim

My upstairs drain pipe got jammed because of leaves and tree roots. I called, and Mike showed up to look at the drains and estimated the price. The next day, he and crew started working and installed a new PVC. The work was clean and very good. I am very satisfied, and the price was right.

- Luka

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