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Drain Camera Inspection

Drain Camera Inspection

The drain camera inspection is helping plumbers all over the world to deal with sewer line issues and inspecting other underground pipes. You can look inside your clogged drain or pipe without causing any damage to the landscape. They are waterproof cameras specially designed for plumbing technicians.

The drain camera inspection is carried out by skilled technicians who have been professionally trained to work with these video cameras. They stick the camera to the tip of a rod and insert it into the clogged sewer lines.

The cameras are flexible enough to bend along the twists and turns of the pipelines. These help in a thorough examination of the pipes and pipe walls. They can be inserted into pipes with diameters starting from 2 inches and up to 36 inches.

Our company, Master Waterproofing is a five-star rated award-winning company in the plumbing business. We can assure you that you will get the best quality services from us.

Camera inspections can be helpful for diagnosing:

  • Drain debris
  • Leaks
  • Pipe damage
  • Root intrusion
  • Collapsed pipe
  • Identify possible issues that may happen in the future
drain camera inspections

Our Drain Camera Inspection Services Will Benefit You in the Following Ways

What Will You Receive In Addition to Our Drain Camera Inspection Services?

What to Expect from a Drain Camera Inspection?

The plumbers will reach your house with the equipment necessary for inspection. The equipment is lightweight. The plumbers usually do not take these cameras inside your house. Rather they access your sewer lines from the exit section of the pipe. That is usually outside the house and near the foundation of your building.

Then the plumbers insert the camera into the pipe through the clean-out end. Another plumber tries to find how far beneath the ground has the problem started. This whole process is recorded with the camera and it is watched over via a monitor with which the camera is attached. By looking at the monitor, they detect where the crack or clogging is.

After detecting the problem, the location is pinpointed by a homing beacon. It is attached to the camera’s head. This helps to find the exact location where the problem lies.

Why Would You Need Our Services?



Why Would You Need Our Services?

  1. When a leak happens, it means that water is coming out of the crack. But a drain camera is inserted inside the pipe. That is why it cannot see what is happening outside the pipe. Meaning, it cannot detect if the water is coming out of somewhere outside the pipe. 
  2. Plumbers inspect the insides of the pipes by looking at the monitor. But they often misinterpret whether it’s a crack or a spot. All the gunk and waste make it very hard to find out a crack. That is why it is not possible to detect a leak solely based on what we see on the monitor. 
  3. The sewer pipes are usually made of a thick material like PVC or cast iron. So when something appears to be a leak might not be a leak most of the time. Because of the thickness of the material used, it is possible that something might look like a crack, but it does not go through the pipe outside, which means there might not be a crack at all. 
  4. Years of a buildup of calcium, grease, soap, etc. might look like a crack to the plumber while looking at it from the monitor. But that is not actually the reality. As a result, it becomes very difficult to locate a leak with a drain camera inspection.


Sewer cameras are nothing new to the plumbing industry. They have been in use for drain camera inspection for a long time now. However, they are great as long as one knows how to use them properly. That is why it is crucial to have only highly skilled professionals to provide such services. Often the cameras might get stuck into a crack leading you to tear down the whole building to get it out, which means it creates an even bigger problem than what existed. Contact us today, so we ensure that you get the best quality and reliable service from us.


Before we send someone out to inspect your drain lines we’d like to have a phone call to ensure we can help. Please click the button below to schedule your callback or call us directly.

When working with us you receive:

Recent Reviews

A few days back, the lid of my sewer pit got loose, and some odd odor started wafting out. I tried several measures of my own to seal the lid shut, but none of them worked. I called Master Waterproofing, they came the next day, and fixed a new lid. The work was clean and quick. Job well done!

- Maria

I called the Master Waterproofing to replace my old drain pipes that got blocked, they were very professional and polite, and before the initial work started, the manager himself explained the steps. The work was completed on the scheduled time, and the price was reasonable as well. All in all, I would highly recommend them.

- Jane

My kitchen drain pipe clogged up, and my friend recommended Master Waterproofing because of their prompt replies and amazing work, and they were actually prompt and quick. The work they did was clean. My kitchen pipe works smoothly, and it was super affordable considering the great work they do. Thanks, Master Waterproofing!

- Lisa

I was already running late for work when my kitchen sink clogged up during breakfast. I called Master Waterproofing while at work to fix my kitchen sink by 5pm because I was hosting a party that night. They said “no problem,” and when I came home, the job was already done. Thanks guys, you saved the day.

- Jim

My upstairs drain pipe got jammed because of leaves and tree roots. I called, and Mike showed up to look at the drains and estimated the price. The next day, he and crew started working and installed a new PVC. The work was clean and very good. I am very satisfied, and the price was right.

- Luka

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