We Can Help You Lower Your Basement

Depending on your specific needs, you may need either foundation bench footing (bench-ledging), or basement underpinning. Both methods will allow you to lower your basement in preparation for renovations or to improve structural stability for weak foundations.

Underpinning or Foundation Benching?

Underpinning allows you to maximize the potential space of the finished basement, since new concrete walls are poured beneath the existing foundations. This is contrary to foundation benching where new concrete ledges extend the basement depth away from the current foundations, causing a loss in overall space.

Master Waterproofing Does It All

There are many factors to consider when lowering a basement, many precautions to take, and a number of skilled trades necessary to complete the job safely and correctly. We handle all aspects of the operation from the first consultation, to the final inspection; giving you piece of mind throughout the entire renovation. Call the experts at Master Waterproofing® to find out more about the different options for lowering your basement.

New Concrete Floor?

Is your basement concrete floor not level? Would you like to put down new flooring but your old concrete floor won’t allow you to? Master Waterproofing offers solutions from removing and replacing your concrete floor to applying a leveling product on top of your existing.

Remember, a dry home or office  is a healthy home or office, so protect your property investment and your health. Call us today for service you can trust, at a price you can afford. Call Master Waterproofing today for a free estimate at direct number: 416.518.4094, or simply contact us by clicking here

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