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Over time, houses and buildings begin to settle, foundations crack, and rain starts to seep in. Aside from damaging just about everything it comes into contact with, a water leak can also pose serious health risks by cultivating mold and mildew and causing severe structural damage. When dealing with water leaks, the first step is to find a contractor you can trust. Choosing the wrong company can lead to a drawn-out and costly affair that only solves the problem in the short-term, if at all. At Master Waterproofing, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the hardest working waterproofers in the business, by providing top-quality waterproofing services at unbeatable prices. We are a full-service commercial, industrial and residential waterproofer on a mission: to fix leaks at the source so they don’t return, ever. Of course, this hurts our repeat business, but referrals from satisfied customers are through the roof!

To become a satisfied customer yourself contact us today. We will customize a cost-effective treatment plan to your specific circumstances, which may include any of the following services:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Construction Waterproofing
  • Dehumidification
  • Exterior, Interior Waterproofing
  • Mold and Mildew Control
  • Restoration
  • Structural Repairs
  • Sump Pump Installations
  • Free Estimates and Consultations

Whether you have a damp or leaky basement, we can help! Damp or leaking basements can lead to mould, rot and deterioration of interior finishes, and uncomfortable conditions in your home. The cause may be due to cracks in the foundation wall, plugged drainage pipes, gaps in flashings and windows, or many other reasons.

Together with our experience and reputation, we provide all owners with a full warranty, transferable to new owners!

  • We will discuss the problem with you and come up with the best, most cost-effective solution.
  • We will review the various damp-proofing and waterproofing systems that can be used, the pros and cons of each, and the different costs involved to meet your budget.
  • We will review with you the existing drainage system and the best way to connect the new drainage pipe to the existing pipe.
  • We will review with you the areas that will be excavated, the sequence of the work, and how long the project will take from start to finish.
  • We will review the landscaping finishes that will be affected so that you are fully aware of what can be salvaged and what must be discarded and replaced.
  • We check with all relevant underground utilities before we start the work.
  • We will expose and clean the foundation right down to the concrete or block wall so as to provide a clean and dry surface before applying any new waterproofing materials.
  • We will treat all existing cracks or voids in the foundation wall before applying any new waterproofing materials.
  • We will apply the new waterproofing material over the entire foundation wall, from the top of the wall right down to the footing.
  • We will apply a plastic drainage mat over the entire foundation wall, from the top of the wall right down to the footing.  This provides an added layer of drainage and protects the new waterproofing.
  • We will install new weeping tile (drainage pipe) and gravel at the base of the footing.  The new pipe will be connected to your existing drainage pipe at the most practical location.
  • We will backfill and compact the soil to prevent any future settling of the soil and finishes.
  • We will re-instate all finishes such as asphalt driveways, concrete walkways, paving stones and landscaping as discussed with you at the start of the project.
  • We will clean and remove all debris from the site.
  • And finally, we will not be satisfied that the job is done until you are 100% satisfied!

That is why Master Waterproofing provides all owners with a full warranty, transferable to new owners!

Master Waterproofing uses only the best materials, sourced from reputable suppliers. We use Silicate/Silica/Silane/Silicone (Si) based technologies for Concrete Permeability Control, Densification and Soil Reinforcement used in combination with other, OBC approved waterproofing technologies. Waterproofing your property from the outside is usually the best and only way to solve the problem. Our suppliers would include (not limited to): Dow Corning, Specco/Concrete Earth, Lythic, Multiurethane, Bacor, Tremco, Sika Top.

Remember, a dry home or office  is a healthy home or office, so protect your property investment and your health. Call us today for service you can trust, at a price you can afford. Call Master Waterproofing today for a free estimate at direct number: 416.518.4094, or simply contact us by clicking here

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