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Backwater Valve Maintenance

Backwater(Backflow) Valve Maintenance

If you’re looking into blogs about backwater valve maintenance, it can be assumed that you know a backwater valve is and how it functions.

We offer backwater valve installation that upgrades your house’s water resistance. We’ve touched upon the installation of required equipment to safeguard your residence from destructive floodwaters.

However, even the best, most expensive equipment installed will be of any effect unless they’re in good condition and functional, which makes routines like regular backwater valve maintenance one of the topmost priorities of any conscious house owner’s list.

Importance of Maintaining Your Backwater Valve

Much like any other system, backwater valves do require frequent inspection and cleaning to keep them up and running. If you feel like your valve isn’t working properly, look through the clear cover at the access box to check if the water is flowing properly, and you’ll know when to get some much needed maintenance done.

Things can get stuck from time to time, stopping the valve from closing. Or, sharp items that found an inlet to the valve can damage. If you perform regular checkups, you’ll be able to identify these problems before they’re exacerbated to the extent that you have to almost burn a hole in your pocket to refurbish your drainage system.

Modern houses perhaps do have a backwater valve pre-fitted, but this doesn’t exactly mean they’re working properly. If you find water leaking out in your basement, especially after a heavy shower or snow meltdown, call a professional to come and check it out.

Valves are only mechanical, and it’s normal for them to deteriorate over time, eventually leading to operational failure and damp (or even submerged) basements.

How Does Backwater Valve Maintenance Work?

Now that we’re all enlightened about the necessity of performing plumbing maintenance on a regular basis, let’s talk about what this entire process is like. These types of plumbing maintenance will typically include steps like:

  • Clearing out the “slow”, less functional drains.
  • Cleaning the faucet aerators.
  • Fixing blockage.
  • Repairing toilet leaks.
  • Resolving any hot water heater issues.

The count of items needing repair will vary due to various factors; for example: The size of your house, the load the system has to take, how long it went without being inspected, etc. You’ll also need to look into your budget to calculate how much you can spare for maintenance.

We would suggest never skimming on maintenance as tiny issues can grow to be something much bigger, requiring fixes costing more than the total installation costs of the valve!

It is rather difficult to put a finger on the estimated price of the maintenance without identifying the problems and coming up with solutions, but we promise straightforward pricing. Nobody wants to deal with those companies that one price on their offer brochures and force you to pay extra by showing a few “underlying reasons”.

We suggest you steer clear of these and come to Master Waterproofing for the best, most reasonable plumbing prices available in the market.

There is a fair share of DIY videos on the internet instructing how anyone can clean or inspect these valves, but there are some things that should be best left to experts; like Master Waterproofing. It’s not ideal to permanently damage the delicate setting of backwater valves by unknowingly tweaking something.

Master Waterproofing and Backward Valve Maintenance

Why chance flooding your basement with disgusting sewage water when you can tackle it all with the proper drainage system. And to assist you in maintaining your backwater valve and all your drainage system issues, Master Waterproofing offers affordable, swift service through trained and licensed professionals that treat your concerns like our own. Hire highly proficient technicians to handle your worries for you.

All backwater valves need to be cleaned at least once a year to give strong resistance against sewage backlash and pooling water. Majority of manufacturers will revoke your warranty care if you’ve not been maintaining your valve regularly which caused issues in the first place.

Despite the major downsides of having a faulty system, some backwater valve installers fail to educate their clients about the importance of valve maintenance. And by the time the home owners know about this, it’s mostly after the basement has been flooded with sewage. Talk about learning it the hard way!

This is why we decided to come out with this informative guide on why you should never backbench your backwater valve’s value. Don’t suffer because you didn’t get the correct information before. And after knowing this, don’t risk sewer backup by not giving it proper servicing.

In summer, the last thing you want to do is worry about the pouring rain leaving your house halfway under in water. So if you want to enjoy a stress-free season where you can focus on enjoying the cooling rain, don’t be caught sleeping on your valve maintenance.

As your friendly neighborhood plumbing company, we offer some of the best rates for yearly maintenance and cleaning for your needs. 

Our Backwater Valve Maintenance Services feature:

  • Backwater valve device inspection followed by cleaning if required.
  • Drain slope check.
  • Seal replacement.


Before we send someone out to inspect your drain lines we’d like to have a phone call to ensure we can help. Please click the button below to schedule your callback or call us directly.

When working with us you receive:

Recent Reviews

Our water pipe busted in the downstairs bathroom. It was a total disaster. Our neighbor gave the number of Master Waterproofing. They came that day, looked at the pipe, gave us a rundown of how they would fix it. They started the work, and the next day, it was clean. They were professionals, alright. We were really satisfied. 

- Jam & Mich

Had my backup sewer valve installed by Master Waterproofing. They dug up my lawn, and when the work was done, they fixed my lawn back up. Their work was good, and now, I call them if there’s an emergency. My wife recommended them to her sister, and she loved their work as well. 

- James

Installed flow valves and some pump through Master Waterproofing, and they were amazing. Totally satisfied with their quality of work, the materials they used were of high quality. They respond quickly and finish their work on time. For plumbing emergencies, I now know who to call.

- Kaycee

One side of our lawn used to get flooded every time it rained. It was unpleasant. A colleague of mine suggested Master Waterproofing. They came, checked it out, immediately got what needed to be done. They installed a new drainage system. They know their work very well, extremely good service and behavior.

- John

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